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This September kicks off the 100 Years of Scouting.  There are going to be
some great events coming out over the next year for the Scouts to do and
some great special awards the scouts can earn as well.  Here is a link to
some of those awards the scouts can earn.

One of the things I would like the Pack do this year is try and put together
a history of Cub Scout Pack 50.  I am looking for information on how far
back the Pack goes and who were the past Cubmasters for the Pack and form
what year to what year.  So ask anyone you know that may have been a Cub
Scout and see what information you can get from them.

We are also doing the same thing with the Boy Scout Troop and need the to
try and see how far back the Troop goes and who have been Scoutmasters from
what year to what year and the names of eagle scouts and the date they
passed their eagle board of review.